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We want to wish you a healthy and happy 2023 and hope you are ready to get back in the travel game

First and foremost, the fact that you are working with us as professional travel advisors means you are in the best possible position. Our number one priority is to ensure you are taken care of before, during and after your travels. We are your advocates, and we are here to help you make travel decisions best suited to your personal needs, both now and in the future.

As mentioned above, our number one priority is making sure you, our clients, are fully supported in your travel decisions. Our partnership with Ensemble Travel Group provides significant value in helping us do so. With thousands of partnerships throughout the world, Ensemble is in constant communication with industry leaders and receives regular updates from a local perspective. This helps us help you to make educated and informed decisions regarding your travel plans.

We’re thrilled that the travel industry is returning to normal.

Linda is working behind the scene daily to keep up with the most current info that pertains to our industry. If you have any questions, please email me at Arlene@beachtvl.com.

  The best way to reach Linda is at 310.376.8956 or by email , linda.m@beachtvl.com and Arlene at arlene@beachtvl.com or cell at 310.863.8674. Feel free to leave a message or text.

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Travel Tip of the Month…

TRAVEL INSURANCE enhances your International Travel Plans by giving you piece of mind…Makes sure you’re covered for medical reasons for you and your immediate family, can cover baggage loss and trip delay and provide concierge and assistance benefits. And much more.

Call us for Travel Insurance information. 


Welcome from your friends at Beach Travel where we make travel easy! Located in the Southern California beach community of Hermosa Beach since 1972, BEACH TRAVEL INC., is the specialist that other professionals rely on to make exceptional travel a reality.  Through over four decades, we’ve established relationships with some of the most sought-after destinations on the planet.  Our efforts have been rewarded by a loyal following of clients who have become personal friends. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and personalized service.  If the trip is complex, such as a long international vacation, we can customize the itinerary to fit your exact wishes and plans. Luxury oriented travel is one of our specialties where we work to combine your high end itineraries with great value.  We have trained agents to accommodate the most discerning traveler although our unique emphasis is Fiji and the South Pacific. BEACH TRAVEL is a member of Ensemble Travel Group-an international collection of expert travel agencies who can provide you with thousands of offers that include Ensemble Exclusives-VIP benefits, amenities, and savings available ONLY when you book through us. We offer our clients “The Travel Insider,” an on-line service designed to bring you valuable information which will make your travel go more smoothly.  And as a full-service agency, we provide an array of options from unique adventures and private guided tours to small intimate getaways and present them to you with a personal touch to make your travel experience one not available on the internet. Through almost four decades we’ve established unique relationships with some of the most sought-after destinations on the planet. Our efforts have been rewarded by a loyal following of clients who have become personal friends.


When traveling abroad, it is wise to carry a credit card.  However, many US cards have a magnetic stripe, but these are technologically passé.   Many foreign merchants use smart cards with a chip.  Some require a personal identification number to work; others just a signature.  You may have problems abroad using a magstrip card such as we use in the USA, so apply for a Chip and Pin MasterCard through USAA online.   Chip and Pin cards are the most secure cards to use.  A thief would have to be as close as 4 inches away to grab the signal from this card.  And if the chip is breached, the information is heavily encrypted.  In searching for the right card for you, check to find out (1)  if there’s an annual fee for the card; (2) if it charges a foreign transaction fee; and (3) if it’s a credit or cash advance card such as an ATM card.