Bula Fiji!

Fiji is located in the South Pacific and boasting over 300 coral fringed islands scattered across 20,000 square miles, this archipelago has an abundance of enticing experiences waiting for you. Relax soaking up the South Pacific sun, drop anchor at one of the islands, scuba dive at world famous dive locations  or surf the reef breaks  in the soft coral capital of the world!

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Map of Fiji
The best time to visit Fiji is between the months of March and November, when the weather is dry and temperature ranges between 79°F to 86°F.  Fiji has a mild tropical climate throughout the year with cool trade winds blowing from the east southeast . Average  temperature in Fiji is a balmy 77°F, with temperatures much cooler in the mountainous regions. Water temperature  tends to average from 77°F to 82°F throughout the year, making snorkeling and diving in Fiji superb at any time. It gets quite hot and humid from November to April, while from May to October the weather in Fiji is much cooler and drier.